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Dan Bejar (Destroyer) at St. Alban’s Church – Ottawa Live Review

13"Being held in a church, the crowd was tame and the majority was seated.This only added to the atmosphere of the performance; calm melodies emphasized by the beautiful acoustics of St. Alban’s. The show sold out and it was obvious – many people were forced to stand around the pews to enjoy. Bejar’s laid-back persona was perfect for the gorgeous church setting. He seems to be a very casual person, which contrasted well with him playing under the massive arch that St. Alban’s displays. The performance was a wonderful picture of a man stripped down with only his voice and guitar. It’s interesting to see an artist portray such a variety ofstyle within his performance and have that work out so exceptionally." 

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Award-winning playright Ins Choi teams with St. Albans Church to help homeless in Ottawa

Media release:  January 27 2014

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Subway Stations of the Cross to premiere in Ottawa on Feb 2 as a benefit for Centre 454

ins choi

Award-winning playwright Ins Choi will be performing his play Subway Stations of the Cross at 8pm on Sunday February 2 at St. Albans Church, with all proceeds going to support Centre 454, a day program for the homeless and those at risk of homelessness.  Centre 454 is located in the lower level of St. Albans Church at 454 King Edward Ave at Daly Ave.  Subway Stations of the Cross is a performance of Ins' songs and spoken word poetry inspired by an encounter with a homeless man many years ago.

Mr. Choi is enjoying considerable success these days.  Kim’s Convenience is currently in the midst of a nation-wide tour, including an 18-day, 17-performance run at Ottawa’s National Art Centre, and it has just been announced that Vancouver’s Thunderbird Films will be adapting the play for TV and film. 

“I couldn’t believe it when Ins contacted us on Facebook, asking us if we could help him stage his “other play” as a benefit for the homeless in Ottawa,” remarked Rev. Mark Whittall, pastor at Ottawa’s St. Albans Church.  “We jumped at the opportunity!”

“St. Albans was the perfect fit for what I wanted to do,” commented Mr. Choi.  “Their focus on ministry to the homeless in downtown Ottawa, their partnership with Centre 454 and the incredible interior made St. Albans Church the ideal venue for Subway Stations of the Cross.”

Subway Stations of the Cross, written and performed by Ins Choi and presented by St. Albans Church will be performed at 8pm on Sunday February 2 at St. Albans Church, 454 King Edward Ave at Daly (doors on Daly Ave).  Doors open at 7:30pm.  Tickets are $20 each, general admission, and are available on-line at  A limited number of tickets will be available at the door.  All proceeds will go to Centre 454 ( )

Frosh crawl churches, not pubs at the University of Ottawa

By Laura Armstrong, OTTAWA CITIZEN September 8, 2013

About 70 University of Ottawa students visited St. Joseph’s Church at the corner of Laurier Avenue East and Cumberland Street Saturday night to participate in the school’s first annual Church Crawl. The 3-hour event offered incoming students an alternative to the popular pub crawls, as well as a chance to get to know the churches near the school.

OTTAWA — Swap booze and bars for food and churches and you’ve got the University of Ottawa’s newest frosh week event.

Stumbling from pub to pub after one — or more — shots of tequila too many wasn’t on the agenda for about 70 students participating in Saturday night’s church crawl, a more civilized alternative to the typical frosh week bar hop.

Twenty-one churches of various denominations took part in the scavenger-hunt style event. Both incoming frosh and current students canvassed the area around the university, stopping at church buildings as well as street-side stations set up by churches that were too far to reach on foot.

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Blonde, 22, looking for friendship

By Selena Ingles

"Crosstalk", March 2013

– Selina (Mullin) Ingles helps lead youth ministry at St. Alban’s, Ottawa.

This past summer I moved to Ottawa and began attending St. Alban’s, in Sandy Hill. I am also a recent graduate from St. Stephen’s University in NB, which is located in a similarly named small town. I was concerned about moving from the close-knit and socially saturated academic environment out into the wider world. I was leaving all my friends and family, arriving newly married to a big city. I was very lonely for a while, and now nearing the half-year mark (hard to believe) I have begun to develop the sort of encouraging and intimate relationships that eradicate that kind of loneliness.

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Diocesan youth listen for ‘voice in the wilderness'

"Crosstalk" March 2013

By Zack Ingles

Participants of the retreat took part in many outdoor activities, including snowshoeing, skating and tobogganing.

Voice in the Wilderness, a weekend youth retreat planned by the OMG network of parish youth leaders, was all about escaping the noise of our lives.

After an initial delay due to inclement weather, over 20 young people and leaders descended on Christ Church Cathedral’s parking lot early on the morning of Feb. 9 to begin our journey in search of God’s “voice” in the wilderness.

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Rev. Mark Whittall inducted at St. Alban’s

By Art Babych, "Crosstalk"

Ottawa Centre Archdeacon Peter Crosby presided at the induction of the Rev. Mark Whittall.

In April of 2011, Bishop John Chapman appointed the Rev. Mark Whittall as the Incumbent at St. Alban’s, Ottawa, but he wasn’t inducted until this fall. The reason for the almost 20-month delay? Mark started without a congregation! Members of St. Alban’s left the historic church when the previous clergy resigned from the Anglican Church of Canada three years earlier to join the breakaway Anglican Network in Canada.

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