St Albans Church

Ottawa’s homeless moving back into a familiar living room

By: Teresa Smith, Ottawa Citizen


OTTAWA — Ottawa’s homeless community has a brand new “living room” in the revamped basement of St. Alban’s Anglican Church at 454 King Edward Ave.

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Centre for Ottawa's homeless moves back home

St. Albans in winter - Wikimedia Commons

By: Alison Mah

The Ward, Ottawa's Health Weekly

Ottawa’s homeless population, which is more vulnerable to chronic diseases such as diabetes, hepatitis C and HIV, will have access to a wide array of health services in the newly renovated facilities of the St. Alban’s Anglican Church basement.

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St. Albans Church to celebrate completed Renovations

By: Jim Robb, "Image Sandy Hill" 

A hard hat is a must have item for St Alban’s rector, Rev. Mark Whittall, during working hours for the contractors renovating the nave of the church

The historic church at King Edward and Daly Avenues has undergone months-long renovations to exterior stonework and alterations to its nave, or worship space, made necessary by the return of Centre 454, the Anglican diocese’s day program for the homeless, to upgraded quarters in St. Albans’ basement.

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New St. Albans - a story about a little congregation that could

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By:Hallie Cotnam, Reporter/Editor, Ottawa Morning, CBC Ottawa

Host: Robyn Bresnahan

Most new churches sprout up in the suburbs where a congregation grows until it can afford to build. But at St Albans Anglican Church in Sandy Hill the building was already there; only the congregation was missing. Hallie Cotnam brings us the story of how St. Albans built a new congregation from scratch....   

“We are a resurrection”: New congregation comes together at venerable St. Alban’s

Sunday April 8, 2012

Kelly Egan, Ottawa Citizen


Photo by: Jean Levak, Ottawa Citizen

“It is a milestone,” said Rev. Whittall, of their first Easter service, at 10 a.m. today. “It’s at the core of what we believe as Christians. It’s why we’re here. We wouldn’t be here without it. We are a resurrection.”

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