St Albans Church

Campus Ministry Intern Reflects On His Experience

Crosstalk, May 2015

During this academic year I have had the privilege of participating in the St. Alban’s Student Internship Program. We’re now quickly approaching the end of our placements and I must say it’s hard to be stepping away from such an enlightening time in our lives. Thanks to GIFT funding for this internship, I have gained invaluable experience and have met some wonderful people. As interns we’ve practiced the likes of Lectio Divina with each other. With Rev. Mark Whittall’s guidance we’ve come to intentional outlook on all that we do. 


Though on an individual level I only have a true appreciation for my particular placement, let me take this opportunity to share with you precisely what it has done for me. Inmy time working in Campus Ministry I was given more than just a job placement, more than just understanding the administrative aspects of the ministry. I’ve been given an irreplaceable group of friends. 

I've watched our church’s Young Adult Campus Club grow from five students to eighteen. Over fifty are now involved in one way or another with you Young Adult's group. Our group meets once a week to discuss hot topics. questions, coffee, and snacks. Our main goal is to share and listen to each other’s experiences of faith in relation to the topic covered. Every gathering is approached with a high level of respect to the point that friendships carry on outside of our meetings. I’ve had students personally tell me that the sense of community we’ve been able to create has given them a place that feels like a home away from home. I’ve been told that our close-knit family has made moving into a new city and understanding faith from multiple perspectives into an enlightening experience. 

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Zack Ingles, the Youth and Young Adult Pastor. We’ve been on multiple training and youth retreats and have spent time on campus sharing our club’s message with students. Through his leadership and friendship he’s taught me invaluable lessons on both being myself and working with the diverse field of young adult ministry.

In March we worked together with two other active friends to host our very first Young Adults retreat in Gracefield, Quebec. Sixteen of us gathered together and focused on what it meant to be a community and how we go about forming supportive and motivating community. 

Though my placement has had an enormous impact on me, I can see how the additional focus on opening our arms to young adults has benefited St. Albans. Though it's hard to end my placement, I look forward with great excitement to the next generation of interns. Thank you to all my friends at the St. Albans @ uOttawa Club. Thank you to the leadership team at my church. You've given me unforgettable memories and have helped me grow as a person and as a member of my community.

Colin Houston

Campus Ministry Intern 2014/2015