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Re-Thinking Student Internships

Many of us cringe at the mention of the word “internship” because it reminds us of a time in our life where we entered the labor force with the promise of no money, great experience, and excellent references; when in fact the position only required that we could sit still, listen, and memorize coffee orders.

At St. Albans, we are re-thinking what it means to be an intern. What if an internship wasn’t about what you could do for us, but rather, what we could do for you? By providing students with the opportunity choose placements with St. Albans or with one of our community partner and partake in leadership development sessions led by a variety of expert facilitators, St. Albans is changing the way internships happen.

Last year's Student Leadership Program brought four new interns to St. Albans. We saw incredible growth in every area they were involved with. From campus ministry with our uOttawa club, youth ministry, service planning at St. Al's @ 5, to ministry to the homeless at The Ottawa Mission. And on top of that, the spiritual formation and leadership development sessions fostered tremendous growth in each  intern. They are definitely not the same as when they started their programs in September.

The 2015/2016 Student Leadership Program is now accepting applications. It is for post- secondary students who want to engage in the development of their faith and leadership skills and obtain valuable hands-on experience in a variety of placement opportunities with St. Albans and our community partners. 

I’m incredibly excited for the students that will be joining our internship program in the coming school year. God has incredible things in store for them. Together, with their help, we will continue to live out what it means to be a Spirit-Led, Christ-Centred, Contemporary Urban Church.

For more information or to apply, please visit: 



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