St Albans Church

Sunday Gatherings


We gather for worship at 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

We strive to provide all people with a hospitable welcome to our imperfect but caring community. Here are some of the things we delight in:

  • Great music
  • Good coffee
  • Creative, participatory worship in the Anglican tradition
  • Bible-based teaching that connects
  • Christian faith and real life
  • Thoughtful, interactive, arts-based Christian formation for children (10:00 a.m., available all summer long!)
  • An invitation & opportunity to serve in our community on Sundays and throughout the week 

If you would like to help out on Sunday mornings, (or find out what you've already signed up for) please visit our Sunday AM Sign Up Sheet.  

Sunday booklet

Our digital booklet is compatible for computers, tablets and cell phones. By using our digital booklet you will save 0.0005% of a grown pine tree each week! (Each pine tree produces 800 lbs of paper, each pound of paper is made of 100 pages, our booklets contain 4 pages)