St Albans Church


At St Albans, we highly value children, and take seriously our covenant to nurture young people in the faith and life of the Christian community.

Each One, Teach One
We believe it takes a community to raise a child. At St. Albans we do Children’s Ministry a little differently. We want everyone to teach Sunday School. Our Sunday School program runs year round and is developed and taught by our community, with everyone taking a turn. Based on the week’s lectionary readings, each Sunday children can expect to encounter high-energy teachers, exciting stories, and art-based activities. And at St. Albans, the children's rooms are right in the middle of the church so that the kids are fully present in our worship.

Curriculum design
The Children’s Program also adapts the curriculum “The Compendium of the Church Mice”, developed by the Anglican Church of Canada. In addition to gospel reading, the program also includes puppetry, music, games, art and play to teach children about Jesus. Each week the Church Mouse will ask a question to the children, and encourage them to discuss and share their stories. Children of different age groups will be assigned different tasks.