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St Albans Church

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St. Al's @5

St. Al’s @5 is the Sunday evening worshipping community of St. Albans Church. We gather at 5:00 p.m. for worship and share meaningful conversation. All are welcome to join us. Our gathering has an informal and contemporary feel to it which encourages the exploration of our shared faith. We seek connection: we come to St. Al’s @5 to deepen our relationship with God and to build relationships with each other. We are a community which draws upon the depths of our tradition and our scriptures, a gathering in which truth is sought and dialogue is embraced. It is by journeying together that we discover who we are, who we are called to be and how we are called to serve. 

St. Al's @5 Speaker's Schedule, 2017-18

September 10—Faith and Feminism by Allie McDougall

September 17—Slam Sermon, Open Table to follow

September 24—St. Albans 150: Evensong and Reception

October 1—Crisis of Faith by Colin McFarland

October 8—The Value of the Christian Community by Allie McDougall, Thanksgiving Dinner to follow

October 15—The Parable of Sock by Jessica Baird, Open Table to follow

October 22—The Nobility of Non-Violent Resistance by Rev. Gary Hauch

October 29—Why Do We Worship? by Rev. Rhonda Waters

November 5—Difference and Diversity by Mary-Martha Hale

November 12—Problematic People of the Bible by Rev. Simone Hurkmans, meal to follow

November 19—What Does it Mean to Be Christ-like? by Rev. Jonathan Askwith, U2charist Service

November 26—Christian Sexual Ethics by Rev. Mark Whittall, Open Table to follow

December 3—Christmas Carol Service (starts at 7pm)

December 10—Christmas Dinner

December 17—Blue Christmas by Rev. Mark Whittall